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Michael F. Dilley
-  military historian
and author

 " of the best military writers that I had

the privilege to work with."

                           Gary Linderer, Publisher,

                          Behind The Lines magazine

"...Dilley is master of his topic."

                             Russell K. Brown

                             Journal of America's Military Past

Photo by Pete

"Michael Dilley makes a significant contribution to the history of special operations."

                                   Michael Lee Lanning

                                   Author, Inside the LRRPS


Michael Dilley, right, performing jumpmaster duties prior to a unit night jump. At the time, Michael was assigned to the 82nd Military Intelligence Company (Airborne), 82nd Airborne Division at Fort Bragg, NC. In the photo, he is assisting a paratrooper to put on his parachutes and equipment. On this particular jump, the unit was tailgating a C-130 onto a drop zone at Fort Bragg. The paratrooper in the middle was one of the assistant jumpmasters on the jump. ​

Updated 1 February 2024

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