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Fiction Writing

Michael has written a few pieces of fiction - some crime fiction, short stories, and a pastiche of Harry Paget Flashman, his all-time favorite fictional character. So far, he has not found an outlet to get any of the fiction pieces published, although the Flashman pastiche is for his own enjoyment and not for sale as he is not sure of the legalities of pastiches.

​​​Written under the name Michael F. Dilley:

​​"The Face of God" (short version)

"The Face of God" (long version)

"Flashman on the Barbary Coast" (pastiche)

"Roxie the Red-Headed Hitter"

"The Lightbulb Diary"

"The Slippery Slope"

​Written under the name of Michael Cross (co-written with Michael L. Jensen):

Short Stories:

​​"CID File 001: The Artillery Safe"

"CID File 002: The Lieutenant's Wife"


Assault on Trinity (in progress)

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