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GALAHAD was Michael's first long project. Before then he had written article length items. GALAHAD has its origin in a four-part series he wrote for Behind The Lines magazine. It deals with an American long range penetration unit that fought in Burma in 1944.​ After it was completed, he contacted Ray Merriam of Merriam Press (in Bennington, VT) to see if he was interested in publishing the whole series. He was and so Michael began putting the parts together and doing some more editing. He eventually added some photographs, especially of several insignia, and it was published in 1996. It was Michael's first book.  GALAHAD is now in its seventh edition.

GALAHAD - A Histoy of the
5307th Composite Unit (Provisional)


​​ISBN: 1-57638-091-2 (hardcover); 1-57638-090-4 (softcover)

The unit in this book is popularly known as "Merrill's Marauders" and was a brigade-size infantry organization. It was organized in 1943, made up completely of volunteers. It fought in Burma, behind Japanese lines. The 5307th was eventually reorganized and designatd the 475th Infantry Regiment, and much later as the 75th Infantry Regiment. It is now the parent organization of the 75th Ranger Regiment of the US Army.

"For military buffs, it will hold great appeal. Descriptions of engagements and the issues of deployment in jungle areas are informative..."

                                                  Military Writers Society of America

"My comrades and I are very proud of the rich heritage that the men of GALAHAD established in Burma more than fifty years ago."

                                                  Gary Linderer, Viet Nam LRRP/Ranger

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