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Published Privately

Interrogation Approaches; 2004 through 2008 editions; Alexandria, VA; Phoenix Consulting Group. This was a student handout pamphlet that accompanied the Interrogation course taught by Phoenix, of which Michael was an instructor. The goal of the approach phase of an interrogation is to overcome the prisoner’s will to resist. Michael’s authorship of this pamphlet is not attributed and it is not commercially available.

A Basic Introduction to Magic; 2024; Manitowoc, WI; privately published. The goal of this introductory booklet is to present some basic tricks to anyone interested in learning magic, considering learning, or first practicing magic. The tricks are a variety of disciplines, such as: card magic; sleight of hand; and mentalism. The booklet is only available from Michael.


                                    Enjoyed reading . . . people love to see the magic tricks and

                                    try to figure out how it was done plus the entertainment.

                                                        Jan “Skyppy” Steber, Magician

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